Avira’an’s Dragon

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From the final pages of The Diary Of Avira’an

…And as I slipped around the final corner, there he was. Immense. Gorgeous. An Elder of the Greater Dragons. He considered me, eyes scanning my person, and a slight smirk slowly tugged at the left corner of his mouth. We conversed at length over several days, but to me it seemed more like weeks, when he finally began his speech.
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A Beginning

October 23rd, 2013 • iIl'Ya-QuvarrComments Off

Of all the OtherKind, the iIl’Ya-Quvarr are considered to be among the most wise. “Fear not the end of this cycle, for your pieces will be of new wholes. I am saddened to learn of your inability to perceive this, it must be of great hardship. What you are now, in fact, is an assembly of many pieces.. fine pieces, crafted and honed over times you also seem unable to perceive, and perhaps conceive. They inspire, and in turn I aspire. I perceive them, distinct yet united, and I smile. I wish you could as well.”


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Welcome to the OtherKind website.

The site is still being designed, so please excuse the lack of materials at this time. OtherKind is, primarily, a band producing prog-rock music. In this case, “prog-rock” simply means music in a “rock” style, and “progressive” in that it is not always conventional. Whatever conventional truly means. There will be more than music, but for now that is the focus.

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